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The Agras T20P is the formidable little brother of the T40. The T20P is light & nimble while packing powerful performance. It can carry a spraying payload of 5.3 gallons and has a 55-pound capacity spreading tank. With the same technological features as the T40, the precision remains consistent with the T40, yet the smaller T20P boasts its 4-rotor and tilted truss design that reduces its size by 77%, ensuring easy handling and optimal functionality.

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The T20P features the same spraying technology as the T40, just at a smaller scale. With the Dual Atomized Centrifugal Sprinkler & Impeller Pump System, the T20P still boasts an expected coverage of a 30-foot swath with consistent patterning throughout.


Double atomization, clear and vivid. The dual atomized spray disc ensures even droplets & more efficient pesticide usage. The proprietary centrifugal valve prevents leakage, avoids over-fertilization, and reduces pesticide use while protecting the environment.


Real-time weighing allows the monitoring of spread quantity and remaining payload at all times. The T20P also features a modified spreader covering & frame to reduce pattern disturbance to a minimum.


Real-time phased array radar and dual camera obstacle avoidance systems allow for 360-degree obstacle detection; even on difficult and complex terrains such as hills, mountains, & orchards, you can fly safely without fear of obstacles.


The T20P integrates aerial survey and flight defense features. Equipped with an ultra-HD camera, the angle of the gimbal is adjustable to view the entire terrain. Farmland and orchard images can be collected in real-time, whilst the remote control can build local maps without a network and automatically identify boundaries & obstacles one by one. Accurately and quickly plan active routes in minutes.


Powered by next-gen 8-core processors, it takes only 10 minutes to map over 14.8 acres of land. Intelligent route planning eases full-load flights and dramatically improves operational efficiency. With a bright 7-inch screen and customizable buttons, double the field of view, fine-tune details, & control at will.


To adapt to the complex and harsh requirements of farmland environments, the aircraft’s components are designed with multiple safeguards & have undergone hundreds of rigorous tests such as waterproofing, dustproofing, anti-corrosion, extreme temperature, long-time operation, etc. Results show that the T20P is a reliable and durable tool.


The 12000W inverter charging station applies new electronic fuel injection technology, which can save nearly 15% of fuel. The charging module can be separated to support power input (additional AC module required). In addition, the charging station supports 1500W AC power, which can meet the power consumption of RCs, water pumps, lights, & other devices. 30000 mAh intelligent flying batteries feature standard air-cooled heatsink, fast cooling, and dual power cycle. Dramatically reduce operating costs.


The combination of DJI’s agricultural cloud platforms, P4M & P4R, agricultural drones will provide farmers with accurate field data analytics, monitoring crop health fluctuations. From the analysis results, farmers can make timely, accurate decisions about crop health, reducing costs, saving resources, and maximizing yields.

Many of my fields have transmission lines that helicopters and cropdusters cannot maneuver around to provide an effective application. The T40 allows me to manage my properties with more ease than ever before!

Keegan Douglas

Local Grower

AgFlys Ready To Fly T20P Package

Our ready to fly package will provide you with the essentials for immediate and effective operation. Every package we sell comes with operational essentials worth $1,500 for FREE. This includes a DJI Relay module for operations in areas with limited access.

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