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DJI Agras T40 Spray Drone


The sky is the limit with agricultural spray drones

Agricultural spray drones have the potential for a plethora of outdoor applications; drone usage in terms of spraying and imaging properties has been a recent revelation in the areas of agriculture and outdoor recreation.

Technological advancements in drones and new unmanned aviation techniques can fulfill many needs of farmers and various outdoor businesses more precisely and efficiently.

DJI Agras T40 Spray Drone
Agricultural Spray Drones

Agricultural Spray Drone Solutions


We don't view drones as a complete replacement for historical methods for crop management, but rather as an additional tool in the grower's arsenal. Our Agricultural Spray Drones serve both for comprehension and practical application, especially when conventional crop management approaches prove to be less effective.

In situations of substantial ground saturation, restricted field access, numerous obstacles for bigger aerial vehicles, or when tall canopies risk significant crop damage from ground machinery, agricultural drones offer a reliable solution. Agricultural Spray Drones can provide relief to cultivators struggling with laborious and less dependable methods.


Our Services

Drone Imaging, Spraying, & Spreading

AgFlys, LLC is first and foremost a commercial application company. Our services encompass spraying various crops with pesticides, spreading fertilizers, over-seeding, and much more!

Sales of Drones and Equipment

Not only do we utilize this equipment for commercial application, we also sell DJI Agras Agricultural Spray Drones - offering some of the best deals on the market! Don't believe us? Get a quote and see for yourself!

Maintenance & Repairs

Being an authorized repair center, our agricultural spray drone technicians are available for ag drone troubleshooting and maintenance and can fix drones in need of restoration.

DJI T40 Agricultural Spray Drones
DJI T40 Agricultural Spray Drones

Commercial Application

From 2 acres to 100's of acres, we have you covered. Contact us about our ag drone application rates.


Digital Scouting

We utilize advanced camera systems and ag drones to offer insight to a plethora of different growers.

Agricultural Spray Drone Repair

Ag Drone Repairs

Do you have a sick drone? We are a DJI certified repair center and here to help you!

Agricultural Drone Experts

We have expertise in these areas

Certified DJI Instructors

As certified instructors we have the vast knowledge to teach others the skills needed to fly a DJI Agricultural Spray Drones along with teaching you how to fly safe!

Agricultural Spray Drones

Authorized Dealer

AgFlys is proud to be partnered with North America’s largest agricultural drone supplier as a DJI Authorized Dealer.

DJI T40 Agricultural Spray Drones
DJI T40 Agricultural Spray Drones

Why we're different

We are a DJI authorized repair center.

We are DJI Certified Instructors

Family Owned and Operated Business

Building innovative agricultural products.

We are knowledgeable about the FAA 137 process.

The Best After Sales Support for Ag drones.

A Full-Service Agricultural Drone Solutions Company.

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