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Agricultural Drone Services

Drone Services Provided by AgFlys, LLC.

We go hand in hand with Farmers

Below is a list of services that we provide by utilizing some of our many different drones. If you are needing aerial drone services for your properties or know someone that might be in need of our assistance, please call or email us, our books are quickly filling up!

Row Crops

Our spray drones excel in efficiently spraying crops like wheat, corn, soybeans, cotton, etc. especially when traditional machinery falls short. When tall canopies or saturated ground limit ground-based options, the drone's aerial capabilities shine.

Aerial Imaging

There are many scenarios that require aerial drone footage. We can use our drones for various imaging services such as assessing crop health/damage, creating prescription maps for spot spraying, locating game & population counts, etc.

Orchards & Vineyards

Vineyard treatments are currently time-consuming. Drones offer swift and precise spraying, maximizing grape vine care. Orchards benefit too, as drones navigate tight spaces efficiently & the Orchard Mode on the T30 can outperform many tractor attachments.

Maintenance & Repairs

Being a certified DJI repair center, we can perform repairs on drones that have been put through the ringer. We specialize in the DJI Agras line of drones and can have these machines up and running in a very timely manner.

Specialty Services

Drones can prove especially useful in outside-the-box scenarios, including maintaining the numerous grasses golf courses, whitewashing greenhouses, salting driveways, and even gender reveals!

Spreading Functions

In addition to their role in pesticide application for crop health, DJI's Agras drones can serve multiple functions like overseeding, spreading fertilizers, and much more.

A Full-Service Agricultural Drone Solutions Company.

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